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Nothing is truly new
Creativity is simply the recombination of known patterns. The universe is a reference of infinite variety, it has all the computations that you might need already computed for you, with the right perspective and index of concepts, that is... That's what you realize when you study cosmology simulation technology and see their results match up with reality. Just try to think of a genuinely new thing that does not represent a recombination of known patterns. You can't do it. Most people fail to understand what "pattern" means in this context. Color, smell, weight, gravity, etc. are all concepts that consist of patterns. You will always and inevitably recombine those concepts and patterns when being creative. 

The development of the wheel was simply a recombination of the known patterns "round" and "rolling"... nothing truly novel. In order for our ancestors to invent the wheel, the patterns that led to its creation had to be present and accessible. Once you understand the perspective of limitless change, you can see everything, and it is only a matter of implementing a series of changes to get where you desire.

Creativity is the semi-random recombination of previously known patterns for a specific (meta-)goal. I cannot envisage a universe that follows different natural principles because I have no prior knowledge of that system.... I can conceive bizarre things based on patterns I've previously learnt, but I can't fathom a completely different cosmos. So, is there a limit to creativity that both people and software must accept? I can write a 10-liner that recombines previously known patterns in novel ways. When you combine a (meta-)goal with certain heuristics for the recombination process, you obtain creativity.

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