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  rangevision pro
Posted by: rangevisio_gomt - 07-13-2024, 12:13 AM - Forum: Game Forum - No Replies

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  промышленный 3д сканер
Posted by: promyshlen_eoPa - 07-12-2024, 11:42 AM - Forum: Game Forum - No Replies

Инновационные возможности промышленного 3D сканера, подробное руководство по использованию.
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3d сканер промышленный 3d сканер промышленный .

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  3д принтер российского производства купить
Posted by: 3d_mtmt - 07-11-2024, 11:29 AM - Forum: Game Forum - No Replies

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  My horrible Kyiv dating experience and how I was almost killed!
Posted by: AirWaves - 06-23-2024, 03:20 AM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (1)

So back in 2018, I spent 6 months talking to a Ukrainian girl I met on a dating site, and I screened and evaluated her well. She passed all examinations and urged me to travel to Ukraine to meet her, so I booked both her and my tickets and off we went.

It was one of the worst experiences of my life. When we got into a furious dispute at the flat, she threatened to have one of her Ukrainian male friends kill me, even saying "you'll never make it back to your little island".

After our fight, I suggested I'd sleep on the couch to let her cool down. Then I sent her a mangina message on WhatsApp, saying I was sorry and that it was our final night together, and I didn't want to quarrel. She then appeared in her skimpy silk Victoria Secret night blouse and asked that I enter the bedroom and sleep in the bed.

I do not advocate anyone go there for dating, these women are no different than American women; they are feminists with a huge princess mindset.

The highlights included two instances of bad sex with minimal effort from her.

2) Princess attitude and mentality far worse than western women (didn't expect this).
3) Obsession with money and material possessions (she is looking for a guy who earns €300,000 or more per year).
4) She was like dating a ghetto black chick, hitting me randomly 2-3 times throughout the trip and screamed at me in Russian.
5) Broken English and her misinterpreting me or any kind of English humor (even though she claimed to be fluent in English).

After around the second day, I was walking on eggshells around her, watching everything I said or did since she was so critical of everything. It was a significantly worse experience than dating a Western woman. I'm excited to return to dating European/American women.

The positive aspects were that I was able to visit Kyiv, take numerous photographs, and she ironed my clothing and cleaned the place I rented on AirBNB.

Kyiv's biggest feature is its affordable prices, with meals ranging from €6-7 and drinks from €1-2. Taxi cabs are quite cheap, costing only €5-6 to travel throughout Kyiv in heavy traffic. My AirBNB cost about €50 per night, but I got a lovely one; lesser ones are around €20.
2) The architecture is magnificent; it's a tourist city, yet the culture is intact.
3) The meal is excellent; I had both traditional Ukrainian and Georgian dishes.
4) There are a lot of thin women there, but they are quite cold and unapproachable. I found Polish and Romanian to be far more friendly and less stoic/cold.
5) Easy access to and from Europe's major city (nonstop flights from London).

I will never date another Russian speaker again, and I would not recommend them to European or American men because the cultural differences and language barrier make dating quite unpleasant. I believe that many of the guys that go there enjoy the architecture and the sense of adventure that comes with attempting something new, but the relationship will never work long term unless the fundamentals are in place.

Boys, just develop yourself and keep to your own type (culture, religion, and values); I can't wait to return to dating European/American ladies.

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Thumbs Down Reddit is garbage
Posted by: pitbull510 - 06-22-2024, 11:22 PM - Forum: The Pit - No Replies

Reddit has always been a garbage platform that’s harbored everything from cyberbullies and doxxers to sexual predators and child porn apologists. it was a place where trolls could post and do whatever they wanted without getting banned—gore porn, NeoNazi propaganda, cyber bullying, rape porn apologia, etc. It was basically the stomping ground for trolls, with the more “normal” subreddits acting as a cover.

Now new management has decided to clean it up a bit making it more like TikTok but for text and puns. Just cheap, low-effort, dumbed-down, noncontroversial pun threads. Comments are short, either out of laziness or for the sake of minimizing attack vectors upon which one’s comment could be discredited. The least controversial and most boring comments somehow get upvoted to the top, while the most in-depth, critical, and interesting sink to the bottom.

When downvoting is used as a knee-jerk “disagree” or “doesn’t conform to the hivemind narrative” button rather than being used to penalize low-quality and off-topic comments, dissenting opinion gets buried to the bottom and auto-hidden, the effective equivalent of censorship. This further polarizes the community and reinforces the hivemind in a dangerous feedback loop

Those with a non-hivemind opinion frustrated at the inability to express their viewpoints have no choice but to seek alternative subreddit communities, which then leads to the polarization problem in reverse. Now their new community polarizes in the opposite direction, driven by the anger of being censored in the mainstream, often feeding on itself to become more and more extreme. Sometimes these subreddits get so extreme that Reddit quarantines (/r/TheRedPill).or even bans it (/r/the_donald).

All travel subreddits predominantly consist of questions. If memory serves me correctly, I believe in the past there were more links to blog articles like “my experience traveling to X”. But with fatigue towards marketing blogspam and the general decline in blogging, it seems that that sort of content is not as much in vogue. People will occasionally write posts on these travel subreddits about their travel experiences, but on Reddit it’s not possible to embed images in posts, which does reduce the quality for the topic of travel that is visual in nature.

Crypto subreddits are among the most circle jerk of the non-political subreddits out there. The communities of most tokens generally consist mostly of bagholders asking “wen moon?” and re-assuring each other that their tokens will go to the moon. People will post price meme threads and posts like “just bought $500 of XYZ token, let’s take this rocket ship to the moon!”

There little incentive to write an in-depth post in a self post on Reddit because there’s really no sense of community on Reddit. Everyone is a forgettable anonymous username. There’s a follow button, but nobody does so and what value would that provide anyways. As a 90s kid I grew up on traditional forums. Traditional forums naturally have a stronger sense of community because the communities are smaller, and users can have avatars and signatures so that you can more easily recognize other users.

Reddit on the other hand completely lacks any sense of community. There are no avatars (unless you click into one’s profile), and usernames are not prominently visible, and nobody pays attention to them. Even if these features did exist, the large number of users might make it impossible to recognize others either way. This lack of community is what makes these “look at my dog” posts so cringy. This is not Facebook; nobody knows you or cares about your dog (unless it is a subreddit for dogs or wherever that’s appropriate).

Old school forums were definitely much better in feeling like a real community where you recognized other users. But part of this is due to the smaller size of these communities relative to subreddits with millions of subscribers.

The Phases of Reddit

I’d characterize the eras of Reddit roughly as follows:

2008-09 Okay quality discussion

2009-2014 Memes, cat/dog photos, and pun threads. Political polarization

2014-2019 Hivemind / Circle-jerk with sarcastic one-liner comments. Marketer blogspam

2019-present Hivemind / Circle-jerk with sarcastic one-liners. Marketer blogspam replaced by Instagram photos captioned only by their simple titles, questions and low-effort self-posts

How to improve Reddit?

Reddit could enable the ability to show avatars next to usernames. This could help foster a sense of community by making users more recognizable, similar to old-school forums. Or maybe Reddit communities are too large for this to work. Either way, it’s definitely worth testing. Some communities enable users to supplement their username with a flair (usually just some pre-approved labels or custom text), which I have noticed makes users more recognizable. But nothing beats a picture.

Substack Model

One of the main problems with Reddit is that there’s little incentive to write quality, in-depth self-posts or comments because you don’t really get rewarded for it. People can upvote your post, but you’re just another anonymous Redditor that they’ll never see again.

In order to greater encourage quality writing, Reddit could enable users to create their own blog on Reddit that doubles as a Newsletter, Substack style. Then at least quality contributes can get rewarded with followers, and ideally an email newsletter so that the creator isn’t tied to the Reddit platform.

I realize there’s already a “follow” button to follow a user, but honestly I have no idea how that works.


I advise people to simply stop using Reddit, both lurking and participating. It won’t get better, it won’t be fixed. Back to private/semi-private spaces we go, I suppose, and probably for the best anyway. Generally, social media is for dumb people seeking validation in one way, shape, or form, no matter how much they deny it.

I’d even go so far as to say that Reddit is likely poorly designed on purpose. The primary goal of an advertisement-driven social media business is time spent on app/site and not quality of content.

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, etc., optimize for time-on-app to increase engagement, data collection, and advertisement exposure rather than time-well-spent-on-app. So it’s unlikely that Reddit will improve the UX, either. Making it harder to downvote would likely create unwanted friction, reduce engagement and time spent on it thereby reducing ad spends.

It’s a well-known fact these large tech companies employ psychologists that have studied the academic aspects of behavioral addiction (i.e., gambling). Probably literally using UNLV studies on gambling behavior to employ on their services. After all, it is “only unethical” but, more importantly, it’s not illegal because there are no regulations on so-called “dark pattern” designs in the United States. The tech companies pay lobbyists to keep it that way.

Make the notification number red, create bottomless scrolling all for dopamine spikes when you get a comment, upvote, or like. This is the social validation slot machine model. No wonder people have the attention span of a goldfish these days.

Like the rest of media such mainstream news, they most feed on our fight-or-flight behavior: fear and anger to drive traffic and engagement. Much of Reddit is a news feed and hence a waste of time. Not only is 99%+ of the news irrelevant to our lives, it just ends up being useless noise none of us can do anything about anyway.

As someone with addictive tendencies, what I’ve learned is to just give up many things I haven’t grown tired of: most of social media and following news and politics. I’ve tried out most services except TikTok, wanting to see what the UI looked like and what the fuss was about, but I’ve dipped out and barely used them.

Long story short, TLDR: social media sites are not trying to help you or make the world a better place, only to increase revenue and profits.

Don’t expect Reddit to improve the quality of the service for end users. Furthermore, the bigger the forums, the lower the quality of the average user is. It’s like the opposite of Metcalfe’s law for massive-user internet forums.

Besides, I wouldn’t expect Reddit to improve due to the fact that they employ free labor to moderate most of the service. Reddit pays in moderator power, not cash, to basically run the entire site sans development and hosting.

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Thumbs Down Libertarianism is idiotic poison
Posted by: pitbull510 - 06-22-2024, 11:13 PM - Forum: Politics - No Replies

The free market is the silliest thing that otherwise intelligent people celebrate. It is the basic doctrine of libertarians, a party whose members take satisfaction in sounding much smarter than they are. That alone should cause you to distrust free market rhetoric. Most libertarians do not comprehend how things are connected. For example, pay less in taxes and you will pay less in the short run, but in the long run, because everyone else is poor as fuck as a result of rampant austerity, there will be no more money available for ordinary people to spend on your business to build your wealth. Now, your particular firm may be unaffected because the items you offer are often inexpensive (e.g., no one is going to quit buying toilet paper), but the rest of society is screwed. A liberal-controlled (i.e., slightly mitigated) banking dystopia is slightly less harmful to society than an unrestrained far-right banking dystopia. To be fair, the right-wing dystopia will benefit a small group of wealthy individuals significantly.

Libertarians often discuss how small countries, such as the US before 1913 and Hong Kong before the 1990s, became into economic powerhouses with high living standards. via tiny government. However, most libertarians are unaware of the extent to which consumer protections have benefited them. Without government controls, most people would have no idea who owns a corporation or what it does. If consumers were not required by law to know where a product was created, what it is made of, or how it was made, they would have no idea what they were purchasing, even if they wished to support American manufacturing. How would you fight back against corporations in the absence of laws and a justice system that limit what a corporation can and cannot do?

I don't mind having a social safety net, even if it raises my taxes; it means that I can basically do whatever the fuck I want (leave a job to start a business, move, etc.) and know that even if shit hits the fan, I'll be alright. Probably would require a dramatic reduction of lifestyle qualification, but nothing that couldn't be recovered from.

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Thumbs Up Critical Analysis: Austin, Tx
Posted by: pitbull510 - 06-22-2024, 10:15 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - No Replies

After reviewing the existing data here, I decided to do everyone a favor and create something up to date and beneficial for anyone heading to Austin, Tx whether with buddies or solo.  It's a nice, tiny, and safe city with many individuals trying too hard to appear cool.

City vibe

Austin is a rather laid-back city. Not only does it have one of the largest universities in the country, but it also has a thriving tech and start-up scene (Apple is establishing itself here and will employ tens of thousands of people); Dell and Whole Foods are headquartered here, and Google, Cengage, and other large firms have sizable offices here as well. While the city is still quite new, there is a diverse range of women in terms of age, income, and experience.

Anyone with an open mind and a positive mindset will have a wonderful time here. People in Austin are kind, but it's also quietly cliquey, which anyone with social skills can break into.


A lot of people complained that Austin had become a "cock-fest." Yes, many individuals who move here believe they will be able to pull stunning blond asses all day. Unfortunately, most of these guys are terrible and couldn't pull an ONS with a chubby Becky if their lives depended on it. An ordinary guy with a poor game can do well here, as long as they don't have approach anxiety.

The quality of ladies varies depending on where you are in downtown and whatever bar you are at...more information is provided below. There are plenty of super cute here, the majority of them are simple, and pulling an ONS is simple if you're not a newbie, and considerably easier if you're attractive.

On weekends, you'll see a variety of girls from Texas cities who are visiting Austin for the weekend. These are usually simple pulls, and they aren't limited to one area of downtown; they're everywhere. These are often cool gals from Texas' whacker cities (Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas). In my experience, these ladies will visit in groups of two or three, perhaps with a gay tossed in for good measure. Usually, they'll meet up with groups of people—often a large number of dudes—nearly none of whom are real cockblock threats, though the obese friend is rather prevalent. Make an early assessment of if she has really high/Christian morals to guarantee you are not wasting your time. Most females here are down, but if she's from far east or west Texas, you should cut your losses and move on. I have several friends who visited, ignored my advise, and ended up with nothing more than a snuggle buddy, and these are people who can pull; even if you're in Austin, it's still Texas, so you've been warned.

That being said, there are lots of openings. One of the most effective things I do is keep mobile and avoid becoming fixated on a female simply because she is attractive and appears to be interested in you. Be social, mobile, and don't become myopic.

To each his own, but the "dick" game does not work well in most venues. This city has lots of high-end tail who can see right through the "dick game" veneer and will not hesitate to call you out on it. As always, it works on the majority of college females, but if neg. is your thing, you're far better off with gentle teasing. In most settings, the girls are very pleasant, and it's easy to approach the majority of them, especially if they smile or express IOI. Bitch shields are popular in the Warehouse District and at several bars on West 6th.


It's common to see attractive woman hanging out with other men, but 98% of them are weaksauce betas or gay. Waiting for your time is nice, but bagging up and rolling on a bunch is a breeze, especially if you're doing something vaguely cool with your life, have your shit together, and can talk up a crowd.

There are a lot of hipster dudes who work in restaurants and cafés, play an instrument, and act like they're hot shit. They're not and are frequently insecure, yet they have a lot of attractive female pals. In my three years here, I only had one issue with this, and it led in me having to finish a fight that some kid in skinny jeans began. It's uncommon, yet it can happen anywhere.

If you're conducting a night game at a bar or club, there's no need to settle. Massive tail and plenty of opportunities.

For The Solo Traveler

If you're traveling alone, you should consider a few things.

1.Will you be here on Thursday night and/or the weekend?
2.Are you comfortable gaming at night alone?
3.Will you be here on the third Thursday of the month?

1.If you're here on Thursday/weekend, I recommend staying downtown. There are numerous options available, including all major hotels. It is much easier to get a woman back to your downtown hotel, and you can ride a pedicab back, which is an excellent way to escalate the situation.

2.If you're comfortable running the game alone, virtually anywhere downtown will suffice. Revert to #1; if you're not comfortable running the night game alone, stay on South Congress. As noted in the preceding thread, the Austin motel is on a tight budget. Hotel San Jose is elegant and has a fantastic bar that is regularly packed with 7+ trim. South Congress is ideal for running day games, and it's a quick trip to downtown if you want to go out at night.

3.On the third Thursday of each month, Congress Avenue is full with people, artists, musicians, and so on. There are many couples who attend, but it is still simple to discover lovely women in pairs and trios. Third Thursday provides you with a limitless number of topics to discuss, and if you structure your approach appropriately, you can walk her right back into your hotel.

In addition to the foregoing, gaming at Whole Foods' main shop (5th and Lamar) is insanely entertaining and extremely simple. Central Market is also nice, but it is a little more away from S. Congress. Going at peak hours is ideal, however there are cute gals at both locations all day.

Barton Springs is a naturally fed pool that is the universe's gift to humanity. The previous data sheet stated that there are a lot of college ladies topless, which is simply false. The only topless girls are hippie chicks, the majority of whom you don't want to look at. Austin is a liberal city, but do you really believe a 20-year-old college lady will sunbathe topless in front of hundreds of men and families? No way. Swim up to a cute female and ask her a question or make an amusing statement (the amount of people allows for infinite discussion, but I'd avoid making harsh criticisms of others). I smashed my first Texan here on the first try. Money.

Black Swan Yoga is not for the faint of heart. A popular yoga studio that accepts donations is located downtown, near Whole Foods; you don't even need your own mat or towel. "Sweaty yoga," as they described it, is simply great. Thousands of ladies in sports bras and short shorts sweating and practicing yoga. I used to have amazing luck here, but as word spread, it became increasingly saturated with betas, resulting in a drop in the number of ladies willing to be talked up after class. Still feasible, but not for the weak. Tuesday 6:30 is a good session, but get there early or you won't get a seat. 6:10 should be sufficient.

Travelling with Friend(s)

If you plan on pulling anything, make sure you have an adequate sized room. Austin chicks are pretty open, but don't expect most of them to bang you as your wingman crushes guts with her friend; while I could be mistaken, it appears unlikely.

Almost all large hotels will be adequate, with convenient access (walking distance) to downtown and restaurants.

Parts of downtown

West Sixth Street

This is the more upscale section of 6th Street, where you'll typically find the most stunning women. All of these places are close together, so you can spend the entire night here and still bar hop. The players here are primarily beta, however this is where I've seen the most competitiveness. Some may say that the Warehouse district offers top-tier competition; I disagree, but that could just be my style. Drinks are significantly more pricey, but still quite reasonable in comparison to Los Angeles, New York, and Miami.

Bars I Like

KeyBar - An outdoor spot with a diverse age range. The game is easier when it is crowded. You're less likely to have to approach an isolated group, but you can approach and/or isolate a female near the bar, even if she's standing with her pals.

Dog Wood - primarily an outside pub with a little inside. Right adjacent to the Keybar. Cool staff, with 7-8+ members, the most of whom are betas. I have heard the most basic PUA material butchered here more than once. Cockblocking by girlfriends is possible here, but it is rather simple to avoid if you can placate the group.

Molotov - Next door to the two above, and, like the others, crowded with ladies. Darker and louder than Key and Dog Wood, although the top level has a decent view, is quieter, and easier to pull, especially if you smoke/want to smoke.

If your game is strong, you could spend the entire night at these three bars and do really well. J-Blacks and the other bars across the street are packed with hotties, but the service is subpar, and it's frequently populated by douchey males that cockblock, act tough, and generally suck at life. Still a good alternative, and if you meet women at the top three, you're likely to end up here.

East 6th Street (also known as Dirty 6th)

This is the most infamous section of 6th Street. Tons of bars, tons of women, and tons of garbage. I'm not a fan of this section of downtown. It's primarily amateur hour, and the females I've gotten from here are usually too intoxicated for my taste by the time they return to my spot, and/or they're lousy in bed. There is plenty of variety and some quality.

Bars I Like

The Jackalope: Not for everyone. Probably serves the greatest burgers in Austin. It's mostly a punk pub, but it attracts a diverse crowd. Snuff flicks or hardcore violent and sexual Asian films are frequently shown on television. If you don't like tattooed rocker chicks, go on.

Red Rooster - Usually full of ladies, with 3-5 betas. Approaching chicks here, immediately in front of guys who have no idea what to do with them, provides me a lot of joy. And it's ridiculously easy. To be honest, I've seen more males here disrespecting our gender than anywhere else in Austin. There's plenty of opportunity if you want them young, dumb, and intoxicated.

Maggie Maes - A historic Austin bar with numerous levels and patrons of all ages. Not a sophisticated establishment (shots in plastic glasses), but it has a dance floor and is easy to get out of if you can approach. Minimal competition.
Any other bar in the vicinity will be around the same. Yes, there are some modifications, but the setting is essentially the same. Personally, I do not like Pure. It's full of skeezy hoes who I probably wouldn't bang, and fights occur frequently. Looks cool, but you're better off going somewhere else and avoiding the trashy wannabes.

Rainey St.

Rainey Street used to be nothing but residences, but the homeowners decided to rezone to improve their property value. Due to the large amount of people walking up and down the street all night, all of the residences have been converted into bars.

Parking here may be a problem. Arrive early if you're driving and don't want to walk for a mile or two.

Lustre Pearl: This should be your starting point. There are several bars on the street, but this is where I always start. Great bar for hanging out, and there are plenty of attractive women here, especially on Friday and Saturday. Typically, I see 8 or more trims there around 10:30, and they usually cruise over to downtown after a few beers. Usually mixed groups, however it is not rare to see three or more girls together without the traditional betas.

I've been to a few other bars, but I can't remember their names and don't feel the need to search them up.

There's plenty of tail at most bars in this neighborhood. A basic visual spot-check is sufficient, as most congested areas have people spilling out onto the front (remember, these were all houses once).

If I'm out here, I usually grab a number or two and then continue on to downtown. Works like a charm, albeit I'll remain around if the girl is smoking and appears depressed.

Night Plan

I'd start at Luster Pearl, then visit other bars on Rainey Street before moving on to Dirty 6th, or start on West 6th and continue to Dirty 6th if necessary.

I'll shred the rest of this puppy tomorrow, including information on the eastside (there are two distinct parts of "east 6th"), but I wanted to put it up in case anyone is passing through town.

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Thumbs Down Was the original RVF simply a mediocre incel forum?
Posted by: PAG - 06-22-2024, 09:40 PM - Forum: The Pit - No Replies

No doubt, the original RVF has assisted academics in comprehending incels and the Red Pill to Black Pill framework as a means for individuals to express their mental illness in connection with certain previously concealed alleged truths. But what enduring value did RVF produce?

30 years ago, the so-called "seduction" industry emerged, a business that sold seminars and media professing to educate men how to seduce or pick up women, earning these guys the nickname pick-up artists (PUAs).  The first PUA forum, alt.seduction.fast, established in 1994, aided the industry's growth into a communal subculture. Alana's Involuntary Celibacy Project was one of the new forums that emerged in the 1990s, and it is where the term "incel" first appeared. The forum, founded by a bisexual lady in Toronto, intended to help those who wanted but couldn't find love connections. While this forum was not intended to promote misogyny, members of the pickup artist and incel communities shared disappointment with their lack of sexual experience.

Game methods and PUA culture rose to popularity in popular culture in the mid-2000s as a result of journalist Neil Strauss' best-selling 2005 book The Game, in which he immersed himself in PUA culture, and the 2007 VH1 reality show The Pick-Up Artist. The three handicaps, Rollo, Roissy, and Roosh, led the so-called Manosphere as it emerged at the same time. They expanded on the idea of the sexual marketplace. According to this theory, each person has a "sexual market value" (SMV), which depends on things like physical appearance, fitness, age, wealth, and social class. This, they argue, results in a distribution of women that follows the 80/20 rule: 80 percent of women chase the top 20 percent of men, while the bottom 20 percent of women pursue the remaining 80 percent of men. Most of these concepts were based on a simplified understanding of evolutionary biology. PUAs recommend that men improve their SMV by mastering the "game" (techniques for seducing women), making more money, and/or enhancing their physical attractiveness through exercise. These beliefs also lead into red pill theory, which "awakens" men to the alleged realities of feminist rule.

Around 2016, incel forums like RVF began to shift from a Red Pill to an increasing "Black Pill" mentality that women choose sexual partners based solely on physical features ("lookism"), implying that whether or not a person will be an incel is determined.  The Black Pill worldview often provides just two options for dealing with their new accepted reality: accept their fate as an incel or attempt to change society to their advantage. Incels embrace a wide range of political beliefs, including women's concentration camps, government-mandated girlfriends and enforced monogamy, and the abolition of the majority of "alpha" men and women. The Santa Barbara shooter's manifesto reflects his own image of a perfect society. The specifics of a political program are not created in a cohesive manner for the entire movement; however, they perceive themselves as an oppressed group that can only improve their status by a comprehensive revolution and reformation of society.

[Image: mDJD3Pnh.png]

To normal people, it appears to have opened a Pandora's box of mental disease that has required considerable effort to contain. 

[Image: dWPE8pmh.jpg]

Autistic spectrum incels seek to prove the reality of their beliefs by misinterpreting scientific research, online dating databases, and conducting their own "experiments" to show that women are primarily concerned with a man's physical attractiveness. Although some incels continue to pursue plastic surgery, exercise ("gym maxxing"), or otherwise try to improve their physical appearance, many believe such attempts are pointless because inceldom is a societal issue rather than an individual one, etc.

I believe that ignorance and bias have a place and can assist to the growth of truth by forcing you to think outside of your usual thought patterns. It's similar to studying philosophy. Philosophy is like doing pushups. What’s the point of pushups, so you can do more pushups? Maybe for some. But we can see how this capitalist approach to gain for the sake of being able to gain more is completely ridiculous. So, philosophy is useless. It simply improves your cognitive abilities. This is how RVF should be regarded. Students today have emphasized the quick, blind reduction of prejudice to the realm of intellectual inferiority, and as a result, they lack the intellectual firepower to eliminate prejudice through argument and critical thought rather than hollow, intuitive bias. This has given rise to the right-wing, which claims they are being unfairly punished and discarded.

There was a general lack of knowledge about autism spectrum disorders when I first started warning people in 2016 about the serious danger that radicalized autistic people posed, and no one saw the connection. Autism is a significant disorder. Contrary to the beliefs of many members of the neurodiversity community, it is not merely a collection of social idiosyncrasies. Individuals who are impacted often have significant social limitations, as well as some level of language impairment, difficulties with processing information, heightened sensitivity, and a tendency to experience sensory overload and fatigue. A significant number of these people necessitate rigorous treatment and medication. The long-term effects of sensory level delusional activation, which results from excessive activity and disorganized patterns across the cerebral cortex, can be significant. The term Red Pill has gained wider acceptance among far-right and white supremacist groups, who use it to characterize their own interpretations of awakening experiences and conspiracy-based worldviews. These perspectives frequently align with male supremacist ideologies, including antifeminism. Refer to: http://bit.ly/3Kp2nu3 

The original RVF content acts as a precursor to the Red Pill ideology and eventually leads to the adoption of the Black Pill ideology. This ultimately results in condemnation on Earth. Any ideology that supports the Red Pill notion of a matriarchal society, while disregarding individual-level actions and asserting that only societal transformation can bring about positive outcomes, is profoundly foolish and warrants serious consideration.

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  Understanding the so-called sexual marketplace
Posted by: PAG - 06-22-2024, 02:48 PM - Forum: Game Forum - No Replies

The so-called "sexual marketplace" is straightforward to comprehend if one studies the appropriate materials. Evolutionary biology, a branch of the biological sciences that studies evolutionary processes, primarily governs the sexual market. This is the best introductory book on this subject that I can think of for the audience here:

[Image: Cgaz2mYh.jpg]

it's actually a really fun read and will elevate your "game" from kindergarten to high school

[Image: 26bNPITh.jpg]

After gaining a basic understanding of biology, cognitive psychology, the philosophy of science, and the philosophy of mind, you'll be ready for pickup :lol:

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  In 2024, I have noticed certain changes in game
Posted by: AirWaves - 06-22-2024, 11:19 AM - Forum: Game Forum - No Replies

I'm noticed certain differences in the game and the types of men that are getting results against those who aren't. It's shocking how terrible game content is nowadays. It's primarily guys sperging on shits or boomer pods. Married house husbands with no receipts. I'd like to get married eventually. I'm not into casual sex, and my goal is to have at least 5-10 girls to date before deciding who I want to marry.

Here are a few of my many observations.

Gen-Z ladies have some of the worst dress styles I've seen since the 1980s (which makes sense because a lot of their dress styles are inspired by that era lmfaooo).

Nightlife is becoming less vibrant than it once was. The nightlife scene never really recovered following the COVID lockdowns. I've noticed a lot of posts online about folks discussing this in various metros. In the metro region I'm now in, I've seen a number of reviews, comments, or whatever you want to call them regarding the local nightlife scene, and none of them were positive. I observed a lot of remarks about how things weren't as good as they had been pre-COVID and how the environment was dreadful. I also recall reading a lot of comments about how it's gotten much trashier and full of ghetto folks lol. Something I've noticed is that there are a lot of fights going on in clubs around here, as well as shootings.

There are significantly more high-end sit-down restaurants and far fewer clubs and bars where you can simply meet women. This could be a Miami issue, so perhaps folks from other cities can weigh in. There are far more venues where you must reserve a table rather to simply showing up and playing. Even promoters are being replaced by an app called "Tabler".

Women are becoming b1tchier throughout the day, making daygame less viable. I believe that is related to the creep culture, with women bragging about how guys observe them in the gym or something, while women are less willing to be approached coldly during the day. There are a lot more AirPods and headphones for women who don't want to be bothered. During the lockdowns, people became socially isolated to a greater extent than they were used to. The weeks and months pass, and before you realize it, you've become a recluse, with basic social interaction becoming increasingly difficult. People become less social and more inward-focused, alienated, and shut in. When you get into this routine, it can be quite tough to break. What you're seeing isn't necessarily dating-related, but rather basic social interactions.

In my perspective, the importance of social media is somewhat overstated. Swipe applications have been dead for a while. You can still find a PYT on Bumble and other applications, but you must stick out more, i.e. be attractive. Successful men aren't interested in utilizing dating apps unless they're in a rut or trying to covertly cheat, but to each their own. Dating applications, as mentioned, have become a cesspool of low-quality girls, including the attractive ones. Unless you are an athlete or star, this is unlikely to be a game changer unless you are willing to go headfirst into the Instagram phoney madness. I would keep away of this.

It's almost as if the entire dating industry is waiting for the next truly unique breakthrough. First, the rise of Tinder and Swipe Apps caused older dating services to be phased out. As of now, no app has dethroned the Big 3 Dating Apps, resulting in a standstill in the online dating market as a whole. I believe the next breakthrough will not be an app, but rather a return to in-person events and connections. There may be some online component to organizing, but people, in general, are growing tired of online engagement.It is a female's job to entice, and it is in her feminine nature to strive to capture all of your attention. If you want to meet quality ladies, you should focus on your lifestyle game or social circle more than before. By quality, I mean behavior and appearance. As previously said, online dating is a dumping ground for low-quality women, including those who are attractive. With the lifestyle/social circle game, the vetting process is easy, and if you have great mates, they can also give their input on potential women,

Open relationships are becoming more common, particularly on swipe apps; I've even had ladies state that their boyfriend is bisexual, so the cucking is a real thing.

Feel free to add your observations..

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