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My horrible Kyiv dating experience and how I was almost killed!
So back in 2018, I spent 6 months talking to a Ukrainian girl I met on a dating site, and I screened and evaluated her well. She passed all examinations and urged me to travel to Ukraine to meet her, so I booked both her and my tickets and off we went.

It was one of the worst experiences of my life. When we got into a furious dispute at the flat, she threatened to have one of her Ukrainian male friends kill me, even saying "you'll never make it back to your little island".

After our fight, I suggested I'd sleep on the couch to let her cool down. Then I sent her a mangina message on WhatsApp, saying I was sorry and that it was our final night together, and I didn't want to quarrel. She then appeared in her skimpy silk Victoria Secret night blouse and asked that I enter the bedroom and sleep in the bed.

I do not advocate anyone go there for dating, these women are no different than American women; they are feminists with a huge princess mindset.

The highlights included two instances of bad sex with minimal effort from her.

2) Princess attitude and mentality far worse than western women (didn't expect this).
3) Obsession with money and material possessions (she is looking for a guy who earns €300,000 or more per year).
4) She was like dating a ghetto black chick, hitting me randomly 2-3 times throughout the trip and screamed at me in Russian.
5) Broken English and her misinterpreting me or any kind of English humor (even though she claimed to be fluent in English).

After around the second day, I was walking on eggshells around her, watching everything I said or did since she was so critical of everything. It was a significantly worse experience than dating a Western woman. I'm excited to return to dating European/American women.

The positive aspects were that I was able to visit Kyiv, take numerous photographs, and she ironed my clothing and cleaned the place I rented on AirBNB.

Kyiv's biggest feature is its affordable prices, with meals ranging from €6-7 and drinks from €1-2. Taxi cabs are quite cheap, costing only €5-6 to travel throughout Kyiv in heavy traffic. My AirBNB cost about €50 per night, but I got a lovely one; lesser ones are around €20.
2) The architecture is magnificent; it's a tourist city, yet the culture is intact.
3) The meal is excellent; I had both traditional Ukrainian and Georgian dishes.
4) There are a lot of thin women there, but they are quite cold and unapproachable. I found Polish and Romanian to be far more friendly and less stoic/cold.
5) Easy access to and from Europe's major city (nonstop flights from London).

I will never date another Russian speaker again, and I would not recommend them to European or American men because the cultural differences and language barrier make dating quite unpleasant. I believe that many of the guys that go there enjoy the architecture and the sense of adventure that comes with attempting something new, but the relationship will never work long term unless the fundamentals are in place.

Boys, just develop yourself and keep to your own type (culture, religion, and values); I can't wait to return to dating European/American ladies.
I stopped reading at dating site.

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