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Internet forums have become obsolete and there is no chance of their revival
Just saw this posted on another website:

The internet has transformed into a vast interest forum, where comment sections accompany every published article and video, rendering internet forums unnecessary. In the absence of a comment section on the article or video, you have the option to share it on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter to elicit responses from your acquaintances and followers. If you lack friends, you can simply establish a Twitter account or become a member of a Facebook group. Social media eliminates the necessity of visiting internet forums. Moreover, individuals who are very productive can establish their own platform. Websites such as Zerohedge or Dailybeast, together with pornographic websites, are flourishing as platforms for communication on the internet. In the present day, most active forums are made up of the same 5-20 trolls, supremacist nobodies, and mature retirees who piss away their time on the internet. Although this is advantageous for them, it offers minimal advantages to the new user.

Reddit, the largest online forum, is filled with cheap, low-effort, superficial, noncontroversial pun threads. Comments are short, either out of laziness or to reduce the number of potential attack vectors that could be used to discredit the comment. While the most in-depth, critical, and intriguing comments are relegated to the bottom, the least controversial and most tedious comments are upvoted to the top. Every travel subreddit consists primarily of questions. Occasional users will share their travel experiences in posts to these travel subreddits; however, the inability to embed images in posts on Reddit detracts from the quality of the discourse surrounding the visually-oriented subject of travel. There little incentive to write an in-depth post in a self post on Reddit because there’s really no sense of community on Reddit. Everyone is a forgettable anonymous username. There’s a follow button, but nobody does so and what value would that provide anyways. Traditional forums provide a better sense of community because they are smaller, and members can use avatars and signatures to make it easier to recognize other users.

Reddit on the other hand completely lacks any sense of community. There are no avatars (unless you click into one’s profile), and usernames are not prominently visible, and nobody pays attention to them. Even if these features did exist, the large number of users might make it impossible to recognize others either way. In order to rejuvenate the forum domain, it is imperative to overhaul the design of forums and transform them into efficient platforms for generating content. Postings should consist of well-crafted thoughts including coherent paragraphs, accompanied by relevant photographs or videos, and culminating in a conclusive section. The "open submission" approach should be substituted with a model resembling that of a "magazine", wherein individuals can contribute articles, but only a select few are chosen for publication. Nevertheless, in order for this model to be effective, site owners must reconsider their business models and either develop or acquire new software, which is highly unlikely to occur. As the popular proverb goes: it is time to discard the old and embrace the new.

We have developed NEW innovative software that encompasses all of the aforementioned functionalities, enabling authors and producers to get remuneration commensurate with the value they contribute to others. Our traditional forum design will be promptly replaced and transformed with this novel design within the new few weeks. This will converts ordinary forum posts into articles, incorporating supplementary sections and an artificial intelligence system to aid writers. Creators and users can receive compensation in the form of WhizCoin tokens, which are awarded based on the level of appreciation expressed by other users through actions such as liking or curating material. Creators will also have the ability to directly sell digital items, such as comprehensive travel reports, videos, and images, to anyone on the network. Users have the option to exchange tokens for various services offered on the platform. Additionally, after a specific amount of currency is earned, tokens can be converted into dollars.

In general, traditional online forums were superior to Facebook and Reddit. These have gradually diminished in quality as the majority of the conversation has shifted to comment sections or Facebook groups.

Discussions on Reddit and Facebook tend to be shallow. Each week, the same subjects are superficially repeated. Many posts consist solely of images. Determining specific information is a challenging task. Deceptive or false posts attract thousands of likes despite being objectively false; the same post will be periodically reposted in the future. Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Reddit, have developed algorithms with the intention of generating increased advertising revenue through user engagement and interactions.

On the traditional forums, discussions were in depth and organized. Topics were less frequently repeated. A moderator has the authority to consolidate an old thread with an unnecessary new thread. However, traditional forums were mostly inadequately planned. Despite its cringeworthy aspects, Reddit's convenience lies in having all the necessary forums accessible through a single username. The mobile apps also facilitate quicker access at any time. No one desires to sift through 10 lengthy pages of irrelevant content to engage in a discussion, particularly when some of those pages are outdated. Forums were often hubs for administrative misconduct and favoritism among certain groups. Reddit may be superficial, but most forums also had shallow substance, albeit in the form of overused inside jokes.
I couldn't agree more. Facebook groups lack the ability to format text into paragraphs and use images, you also can't search efficiently and lack subcategories, and they make it difficult to navigate through history due to the absence of numbered pages and reliance on limitless scrolling. The experience is similar across Discord, Telegram, and WhatsApp. There is a 50% chance of being shadow banned on Reddit. Without an avatar or signature, one lacks a distinct personality and becomes more difficult to identify, making it tougher to establish connections with others. It's all crap.

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