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Happier abroad DOT com FORUM - A mentally ill dumpster fire
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A group of unintelligent, angry, socially marginalized individuals, led by an obese, mentally unstable Asian incel who idolizes Hitler. Do not regard any content posted there as credible. They engage in a persistent pattern of falsehoods and slander against others. Nevertheless, the level of enthusiasm seems to be decreasing, as the incel administrator's endeavor to reduce expenses by moving the site to a shared hosting plan in order to save $10 per month has resulted in negative consequences. The forum is currently inaccessible 80% of the time. Due to server overload, the host cannot handle multiple connections as each server is already serving more than 3000 websites.
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Yeah, total garbage pile that barely works. Their leader's autistic psyche is super annoying and dangerous. Undoubtedly, he exhibits a lack of regard/respect for other people. Individuals with autism tend to perceive the world in a dichotomous manner. This phenomenon pertains to the inclination to classify objects or individuals as entirely virtuous or entirely malevolent, completely correct or completely incorrect. Instead of perceiving the intermediate options or nuances between extremes, autistic adolescents that exhibit dichotomous thinking may possess a heightened perception of justice and fairness, enabling them to promptly arrive at conclusions. Nevertheless, adopting a binary perspective can also provide challenges in effectively navigating ambiguity and adapting to new circumstances, as well as hinder one's ability to comprehend the intricacies of a given scenario, potentially intensifying feelings of anxiety and tension.
(02-21-2024, 09:58 AM)PAG Wrote: Yeah, total garbage pile that barely works

Why does no one on there actually post pictures about going abroad? I noticed you were the only one who actually posted real pictures of your vacation and you were attacked by the mental patients on that site, possibly out of jealously for someone who actually went abroad instead of writing larp stories about it and then banned despite the members insulting you, calling your women whores and transgenders, and saying racist thing about you getting no punishment. Why do they accuse you of harassment when they're the ones who attack and insult everyone?

I imagine that the posters there never actually went abroad and instead live in group homes and mental institutions where they pretend to write stories online about being successful and get pissed off at someone who is actually not a failure. It reminds me of the old Roosh forum, where basement dwelling losers pretended to be alpha males.

Also, how shitty is your server if an outdated forum can't even run on it?
Harassment to them is not being a total dumbass loser. Just look at the leader, an elderly, obese, incel, conspiratard failure. Individuals with autism often exhibit an inherent tendency to initially lack awareness and, potentially, later in life, become autonomous from what I refer to as the 'social mind'. This refers to a collection of shared beliefs (or memes) that many neurotypical individuals adhere to, either *consciously* or subconsciously, through conformity. What they call an *NPC*. Individuals with autism face difficulties in understanding concepts related to physical space, personal boundaries, privacy, and secrecy. All of these are components of the social mind.

In the absence of appropriate training, an individual diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder may unintentionally reveal your confidential information to the wider public. The leader of this other site once confessed to masturbating in the same room that his sleeping child was in. Consequently, the majority of persons usually limit their connection with such individuals. In addition, individuals with autism encounter challenges in comprehending the cognitive processes employed by neurotypical individuals. Autistic persons exhibit a deficit in social interactions and empathy.

Individuals with Asperger's syndrome often have a tendency to view the world from an external standpoint, like observing the world from a vantage point above a mountain, feeling perplexed when observing the activities of the communities below. Their cognitive processes lack a social orientation, and they seldom engage with the topics that preoccupy the in-group. In my personal opinion, I observe that Neurotypicals exhibit a higher degree of cognitive conformity compared to individuals with Asperger's syndrome. Normal people have exceptional proficiency in succumbing to social influence, replicating viral internet trends, carrying out tasks efficiently, and fostering social cohesion. It serves as the foundation for our society, corporations, institutions, and education systems. The wide autism phenotype is the subject of inquiry and scientific study. It seems clear to me that many significant advancements resulting from these systems would not exist without the presence of the broad autism phenotype. Neurotypicals possess the ability to think and analyze effectively; however, their thought processes are confined to the prevailing societal framework and are oriented towards validating the collective mindset.

Individuals with Asperger's syndrome, however, express a sentiment of appreciation but inquire about the subsequent course of action. Thank you for your assistance, however I am now pursuing my own individual course. This autonomous skepticism is the impetus behind advancement, exploration, and innovation - it is a solitary process originating from one or a select few brains. Undoubtedly, neurotypicals deserve recognition for upholding a cognitive framework that embraces the ideas generated by individual thinking and implementing transformative actions. A businessman with typical neurological development utilizes his ability to understand and predict the thoughts and intentions of others to disseminate innovative designs.

At the new Happier Abroad website and Institute, it is my desire to unite a greater number of independent thinkers who have not been irreparably damaged by web queries and YouTube videos that you encounter here.

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