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Pixel--Dude of EXPOSED!
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It appears that the person called Pixel-Dude, who is an active participant in the HA dot com forum, is not the same individual as the Pixel-Dude present here. Instead, this Pixel-Dude here is actually Mercer, a former admirer of HA. The individual known as "The Pixel--Dude", AKA Steve, hailing from Manchester, England, is an individual of low intelligence who serves as a moderator on the HA forum. Steve engages in deceitful behavior by falsely accusing others of harassing or insulting other users. However, it is actually Steve and his limited circle of pals on this platform who engage in acts of harassment and verbal abuse towards other members. If you engage in self-defense, Steve will issue a warning or ban to you, but not to his friends. If you bring attention to the fact that other members, whom he is acquainted with, employ racist slurs, insult others, violate regulations, and engage in harassment, he justifies their behavior as "tit for tat" and refuses to issue warnings or bans, conveniently favoring his buddies.

The website and forum are very disreputable and lack any sense of legitimacy. Pixel--Dude is accepting of the fact that they have many threads dedicated to doxing individuals and OUTRIGHT defamation. He lacks comprehension of the law, and the administrator is completely mentally ill. He believes that you should simply move on and considers slander/defamation to be inconsequential, even when its something that can come up with your name on a search. Doxing is strictly prohibited even on the most obscure online platforms, due to the potential legal consequences. For example, if you believe that your name or business has been defamed on this website, you can simply reach out to the administrator to request its removal. On that particular website, content is not deleted unless it's embarrassing to the leadership or friends of theirs. Numerous individuals are eagerly anticipating the administrator's acquisition of his family's wealth in order to initiate legal action against him, seeking compensation for all damages over the years. Until that time, if you join that forum, your experience will consist only of slander and bullying from individuals with mental impairments. 

The HA mental asylum purports to focus on topics such as travel and overseas dating, but in reality, it consists of a limited number of unpleasant and dissatisfied individuals who were unable to succeed in Western society due to their inadequate education, hostile dispositions, and unwillingness to acquire any new skills ranting Non-Stop. The majority of participants in this community have a strong inclination towards hatred, racism, and anger, often engaging in role-playing activities to fabricate their idealized lives. Several individuals spend a significant amount of time on this platform, maintaining multiple accounts and generating a large number of posts. They assert themselves as alpha males, although this claim lacks credibility as their entire social existence revolves around this website, which only has around five active users. These individuals, who exhibit hateful and prejudiced behavior, engage in bullying tactics that drive away other users. The website appears antiquated, with obsolete visuals and information. Additionally, the forum software is unreliable, frequently experiencing downtime without any apparent cause, despite the site's low user volume.

I was deceived into believing that this platform provided a secure environment for discussing international travel. However, instead of a respectful discourse, I encountered persistent mistreatment and intimidation. Furthermore, the moderator blatantly favors their acquaintances, granting them unrestricted privileges, while any dissenting voice is met with punitive measures. Steer clear of this malicious website and its users.
He also bragged about stealing from supermarkets.

"I stole again today from my local supermarket. I took some items I needed for my house that I wasn't willing to pay for."

- Pixel--Dude

What a fucking loser.
Who else would accept an unpaid position on a backwater hate forum? This is most likely the only authority he has received in his life. It doesn't take a genius to determine that you are unlikely to find the best quality people in such an environment.
Both Pixel--Dude and MarcosZeitola, despite being whiny little bitches who want anyone they disagree with banned and then accuse them of "harassment", have defended this creepy poster who gets away with years of disturbing posts.

Why does Pixel--Dude accuse other posters of harassment, but you can see here his friend is defaming and harassing another member of the site with a disgusting post and not getting banned for it? You were right, it doesn't take a genius to determine that you are unlikely to find the best quality people in such an environment.
Regular users of that website often exhibit intense anger, jealousy, arrogance, and animosity. Winston is an indolent, depleted individual suffering from mental illness and obesity, who squanders his parents' cash on prostitutes in Angeles City and elsewhere. As everyone can observe, it is gradually deteriorating.

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