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Inside the white nationalist movement
The majority of WN in version 2.0 are dysfunctional old/incels who post on /pol/.There are some intelligent people with reasonable opinions but these are the minority. Nowadays its full of internet drama with tradthots vs the white sharia police, can’t really take them seriously. These internet movements will burn out just like how the atheist movement fizzled out after a few years.

Despite having zero power or influence over real life politics, these sub-Nazi deadbeats have a significant online presence ready to thumb down YouTube videos on important topics such as female Ghostbusters and Mexican Spider-Man. This is their natural habitat, along with Twitter, where they can be found protesting against multiculturalism while masturbating to Japanese anime waifus in their avatars and expressing the opinion that immigration to the United States should have ended the second after their pasty ancestors arrived to ethnically cleanse the natives. It is sometimes said that the salt-right is the endpoint of the Republican party- its purest manifest form.

They have achieved absolutely nothing of value, have no discernible skills or merit as human beings, and therefore put pride in their race above all other things (sound familiar). Their whiteness is the one thing that can never be taken away from them, yet also is the one thing that took no effort whatsoever to possess, thus giving them a completely undeserved sense of superiority over ethnic minority individuals, many of whom have accomplished far more than they ever will

I realize that people gravitate to political ideologies that give them advantages in the sexual market place. ‘Traditionalist’ types favour monogamy within their group because it gives those with low sexual market value access to a mate. In a free sexual market they will be left without a chance of reproducing. ‘Tradition’ as they advocate is nothing more then sexual communism where 1 man will be allocated 1 women of their group.

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