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Is this the cure for autistic people?
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Tomato juice, choline, and probiotics? Unfortunately, not all autistics are within the normal realm… a lot of the severe autistic spectrum traits are irreversible and technically overgrown brain regions, too many neurons growing too quickly during gestation. If someone is nonverbal or unemotional, that’s likely irreversible. At least that’s what the latest research says.

If you have the traits that make up hypersensitivity, overactive brain, constant/continuous knowledge seeking, and an overwhelmingly photographic memory for episodic memory, and almost nonexistent semantic memory formation, tomato sauce and probiotics might work. Tomato juice once a week for two meals in a row is good enough to clear out the bad bacteria including the type that gives people pneumonia and some other ones too. Typhoid fever inducing subspecies but the same goes for quite a few salmonella bacteria that are known to alter the immune system, etc. Salmonella bacteria is known to cause neurological changes overnight in some children, mimicking autism or seizures when it causes the immune system to attack the neural tissue due to how the bacteria tries to hide using a camouflage technique that mimics other tissue types.

The reason semantic memory doesn’t work very well in autistic people, and the reason they seek conceptual knowledge, is the statistical sensory processing layer sends a failure signal that causes further analysis to become overactive (all the signals need to be processed) in the conceptual processing level of the sensory processing pathways… basically why their sensory system is hypersensitive, it never developed the sensory pre-filters that normally ignore anything and everything after a few seconds, less than 15sec for most people for scents. I honestly think they could take a ton of choline (the C in Alpha GPC) and decrease it.

Lol, unlike this Dutchman, most autistics don’t know how to control their sexual energy and go overboard quite easily. The Alpha GPC is like a neutralizer for that, it would have a very strange feeling for them to wake up next to a mostly naked girl and not being horny… but that’s Alpha GPC!
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