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Thumbs Down Critical Analysis: Singapore
Posted by: pitbull510 - 04-06-2024, 04:01 AM - Forum: Travel Forum - No Replies

Singapore gets very boring after a while because it's a very rigid society. And it's also more expensive so you can't have the same lifestyle that you can in SEA (for the same amount of money). People go to SEA (aside for the girls) to discover amazing places/nature/beaches, to have exciting adventures, and to feel "alive" in a place where there is always something happening—crazy and wild nights. The opposite is true in a strict society like Singapore, where the only thing you get out of it is money (if you have a job there). But it's a soulless experience.

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Thumbs Down Critical Analysis: Prague
Posted by: whitemike - 04-02-2024, 03:17 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - No Replies

I traveled to Prague in late March and did not have a sense of urgency to write about it. However, I have now found the time to do so. During my journey, I primarily explored the old town and the lesser town in close proximity to the castle, known as Prague 1. Therefore, I cannot provide any insights on other regions of the city, such as Vinohrady (Prague 2) or Zizkov (Prague 3). Being a first-time visitor to the city, I had a limited timeframe of 7 days to explore all the prominent landmarks and delve into the city's history. Additionally, I aimed to make the most of my spare time, particularly during the evenings, by engaging in gaming activities.

1. Prague 1 experiences significant congestion throughout the warmer months due to the influx of tourists, with the situation reaching its peak in the summer. The streets and walks are quite narrow, and the plazas are crowded with people during the day. During the nighttime, the streets are somewhat less crowded, although there are sufficient clusters of individuals who traverse between the pubs and clubs. The majority of these individuals are highly disruptive individuals, typically comprising stag groups, who exhibit loud, disrespectful, and occasionally destructive behavior, while also engaging in catcalling at every girl they encounter. Consequently, these girls tend to have elevated levels of defensiveness or may simply be unresponsive to a person attempting to engage in conversation with them. Moreover, approximately 60-80% of individuals that venture outside are of English and German origin, but I did see a considerable number of individuals who appeared to be conversing in Russian.

2. Despite participating in the bar crawl, I found the nightlife in Prague 1 to be unsatisfactory. The ratios were satisfactory, although not exceptional, and the environment was not conducive to socializing with new individuals. I visited the majority of the renowned locations, including James Dean.

3. The Czech ladies I encountered had a significant level of cynicism and aloofness, which I believe may be attributed to the fast-paced environment of the city and the frequent encounters with ignorant behavior from foreigners who demonstrate little regard for the local residents and workforce. Fortunately, I discovered shortly thereafter that ladies from Czechia who reside outside of Prague tend to be more agreeable and relaxed.

4. Central Prague is renowned for its rich history and stunning architecture. As an individual with a moderate understanding of European history starting from the Middle Ages, it was highly satisfying to learn about and witness in person certain individuals and incidents that I had previously studied. This included visiting historically significant sites within the city, such as the location where the third defenestration of Prague occurred.

5. Walking tours offer an excellent opportunity to see various parts of the city, gain knowledge about its history, and maybe make acquaintances with interesting individuals for future socializing. I engaged in walking tours facilitated by Verneus, among other companies. These excursions typically require an online reservation, with payment to the tour guide at your discretion following the trip's conclusion. I strongly advise arriving approximately 10-15 minutes before the tour commencement, as this will allow you to promptly identify any possible targets and engage in conversation with them prior to the tour's actual commencement. If a sufficient number of individuals arrive just before the commencement of the tour, the guides will divide the current participants into two separate groups, each following a different route. Therefore, if you establish a connection with a girl or her group early on, it is imperative that you ensure being assigned to the same group, otherwise, you will not have the opportunity to meet them again.

6. I would not intentionally travel to Prague for the purpose of meeting women. Nevertheless, it is a fantastic city to explore if you have an affinity for history and architecture, and its geographical location in Europe is highly advantageous. In addition, there are several areas of the city that I did not get the opportunity to explore. Based on my observations, it appears that a resident who has been living there for a while may have favorable outcomes in their interactions with women.

Prague is unquestionably the most bustling city in the country and, to my knowledge, the sole major city in the nation that attracts a significant influx of foreigners. Although there is a significant influx of women from other regions, I do not believe that there is a substantial and imbalanced departure of affluent women from smaller cities, as is reportedly the situation in the Netherlands. The native ladies possess a resilient nature, and being American or from any Western country does not grant you any additional social standing with them.

Perhaps in the 1990s, being an American implied the possibility of engaging in a sexually explicit encounter with a Czech woman. However, the current circumstances are different. Disregard it. I made several attempts to approach one of the people I was visiting, whom I had met in the gaming world over ten years earlier. Lacking knowledge of the language hinders significant advancement. Local Czech women have a strong tendency to keep a distance from visitors, and in fact, there were a lot of obese British people walking the streets who were acting in a way that was morally or socially unacceptable.

I was informed that being present here near Easter influenced my chances, but I am skeptical. I believe that the local ladies have become weary of the majority of westerners, and it is necessary to provide something extraordinary in order to capture their interest.  I would assert that your performance would be equally successful in London, New York, Miami, or LA.

Although I had a few successful sets, logistical issues and other commitments for this trip prevented me from closing. The most successful encounters I had were with women from France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, the United States, Canada, and Australia.

While individual experiences may vary, I personally saw that Czech women exhibited a significant level of dissatisfaction with western men. I had the most disappointing experiences with Czech women, but I also had a tendency to end those relationships prematurely. There may be certain aspects of cultural differences that I need to address and adapt to, but it is difficult to say for sure.

Based on the nightlife scene, I would argue that Prague has a more unfavorable dating environment compared to the majority of American towns I have visited. Overall,  I would say Prague is aesthetically pleasing, and the Czech people are an admirable group. They exhibit a greater inclination towards individualism and display a rebellious attitude towards authority. (in comparison to the majority of other European individuals).
Czech ladies are widely regarded as attractive; however, to find the stereotypical Czech Slavic appearance, one should explore rural areas or smaller cities. There are many women from Slavic countries who are attractive and have pleasant personalities. However, it is necessary to be fluent in the language spoken in such countries. Women in Prague exhibit a cosmopolitan and refined urban aesthetic. 

However, Prague is not suitable for swooping. The city is aesthetically pleasing and its inhabitants are commendable, but it is unsuitable for the activity of swooping. It is truly no better than Germany.

The majority of people in the old town are tourists, accounting for 70% of the population. Primarily consisting of British, German, and American influences. The Americans that visit Prague appear to possess an extremely haughty demeanor. The British people conform to the expected stereotypes, while the Germans adhere to the conventional perception of being dull and uninteresting. The remaining 30% consists of Gypsies, Middle Easterners, and local Vietnamese residents. Czechs are uncommon in the location. Local ladies are frustrated with foreigners and tend to avoid tourist areas.

Furthermore, the Czech men pose formidable competition. You are interacting with exceptionally tall individuals who are frequently highly athletic and in good physical condition. Additionally, they possess a notably nonchalant attitude and exhibit greater charisma compared to many individuals from neighboring countries. However, it should be noted that the local men are not envious, savages like their counterparts from the north, so you will not encounter any difficulties with them.
I believe Czech males have ample success in attracting their own women, which may explain why they do not harbor significant apprehension towards outsiders.

PRO TIP: To witness the authentic beauty of Czech women, visit a nightclub named Studio54. Typically, I have a strong aversion to establishments of this nature due to their reputation as after-hours techno venues where patrons often indulge in mind-altering substances. However, I recommend visiting this particular club at least once to witness the presence of authentic Czech women. Upon observation, one will come to the realization that the women of Old Town are predominantly of foreign origin, since their physical appearance starkly contrasts with that of the local women.

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  PAG set to win Nobel Prize!
Posted by: Doosh - 03-23-2024, 08:58 AM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (2)

Absolutely brilliant


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  No Fap: Are There Real Benefits or Is It a Total Scam?
Posted by: Pixel Dude - 03-16-2024, 04:54 PM - Forum: Lifestyle Forum - Replies (1)

Are any of the purported benefits of abstaining—including boosting testosterone levels and increasing sperm motility- legitimate?

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  Critical Analysis: Kyrgyzstan
Posted by: AirWaves - 03-14-2024, 11:03 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - No Replies

Kyrgyz-what? Kyrgyzstan! Although the name may sound Persian (because stan means land in Persian), Kyrgyzstan is not a Persian country. There is a beautiful and easily explainable divide between the Central Asian countries of the Former Soviet Union, nomadic and non-nomadic. Sure, not everybody is a nomad nowadays in Kyrgyzstan, but most of Kyrgyz culture has a lot of nomadic influence. You will find it everywhere in one way or another. The country has 6 million inhabitants which isn't much for most of you guys, but for me coming from a smaller country, 6 million is a lot. Bishkek has around 1 million inhabitants so options were not limited for me. Kyrgyzstan has beautiful nature. In around 30 minutes from the capital and for 10 Euros (1000 Soms) with a taxi, you will find yourself surrounded by a beautiful landscape and amazing mountains. Rivers are flowing by your side, the water is clean, there are animals around you, a lot of greenery and almost no tourism. When you venture out of the capital or bigger cities TAKE WATER, SNACKS AND TOILET PAPER with you. Also use cash when outside of bigger cities.

I also advice you to see Issykkul. The Issykkul area is interesting if you love nature. The lake of Issykkul is cold, but is great when you have temperatures of around 35-40 degrees in Bishkek. That's also the time where many locals are to be found around the lake area. Unfortunately most women will be with their families, so if you want a woman with you, better take one with you. The landscapes are on the south shore are similar to landscapes in Peru for instance, while the north shore has landscapes similar to Switzerland.

The capital Bishkek was surprisingly clean on the sidewalks, the parks were taken care off, the status were also clean and taken care off and even the streets didn't look that bad. Ukraine (Lviv) looked worse and I would place Kyrgyzstan's capital above Lviv and just a bit below Krakow when it comes to infrastructure, shops, quality of life in general. Yes there are poor people and yes some people will beg for money, but I was also looking for trouble. I walked sometimes around 1 or 2 am in the night, long distances, areas I didn't fully know and nothing happened to me. No I am not a muscular and tall guy, just an average dude. Thus I can conclude that Bishkek is not dangerous at all. People will mind their own business and if they talk to you, the discussions can be very pleasant.


Kyrgyzstan was part of the Soviet Union and has a Russian influence. You will find it in many ways, but that influence is diminishing. Many people turn towards Islam and Kyrgyz nationalism, but at the same time the 'Islam' these people have isn't an orthodox version of it. You will find many women who show their hair, many women with short dresses and honestly I see more covered women in Western European than I did in Kyrgyzstan. That tells you all that you need to know. People also used to be nomads and while they aren't nomadic anymore, they sometimes go in their yurts in the countryside. Some people still live in yurts, espcially outside of the capital. Expect to see and hear a lot about Manas. Manas is the national hero of Kyrgyzstan. Unfortunately there aren't many museums and the national museum is closed for an unforeseen time.

Eating and getting around:

Busses are very cheap but I never used it. Bishkek is built like many other FSU cities. It is easy to find everything in there as long as you stay in and around the centre. Even outside the centre it wasn't that difficult to find places. Uber doesn't work there so use Yandex. Another thing I would like to add is that I used O! Sim Card and the guy in the store even provided me the English option. Whenever I got some notifications they were in English, so that was nice. Most of the centre is walkable, but I walk very fast and thus 15 minutes walking for me may equal 30 minutes walking for other people. Restaurants are plenty to be found, but most of them give Turkish food, like Kebab, Dürüm and you are hard-pressed to find Kyrgyz food. However if you find some Kyrgyz food, try Plov (in the Osh way). Learn some basic Russian at least, it will make communication and directions much easier for you and learn to read the Cyrillic alphabet as well. Contactless paying with cards work well (Visa), most ATM's let you withdraw Soms, Dollars and Euros and if you want to get food delivered home, use the Glovo app.

Demographics & Society:

The population of Kyrgyzstan may be divided as followed 90% Kyrgyz and 10% Russian. In the capital it may even go as high as 30% Russian and as low as 70% Kyrgyz. People like to hunt in the nature and are sportive. There aren't many fat people to be seen and in the nights (at least during the summer months) the people go outside after work, meet with each other in bars, restaurant, play together sports even in the parks and even in the nature people are social, form groups and play ball with each other. While even in there people have phones and some are glued on the screen, I found it very nice how I didn't see so many people on their phones, just having fun with each other, unlike Western Europe where everybody is now a smartphone zombie.
Yes, some people can be a bit annoying, but overall I found the Kyrgyz to be pleasant. One old guy gifted me a bottle of wine after talking to him, another person invited me for a drink, two women I met gave me small presents and while some may look serious, they are curious people and want to know about you and where you are from.


There are some divisions to be made. While most women look clearly Asian, there are some women who look more Persian/Arabic, of course Russians and then a mix in-between. In general I would say the Kyrgyz women look much better, dress better and have a more positive outlook on life. The Russians are in my opinion not worth it. Keep in mind that I favor  latinas, Asians over white women, thus take it with a grain of salt. There are a lot of 6's, 7's and 8's that walk during the day and go on about their daily life. I didn't approach much, but when I did, the women were pleasant and I could number-close them. Even without much of Russian, you can get women to your place from daygame. You have so many parks in Bishkek, so many streets, sellers, malls, just approach a random girl and you will never regret it. At least you will improve.

Nightgame? Honestly I am not good in nightgame, but the only advice I can give you is that the Metro Pub and Munchen Bar are apparently good. Russian would be useful as well. However one guy told me that there may be some golddiggers, so just keep that in mind. Online you will also find some weird women and yes sometimes it is better to be direct or to be playful about your intentions. Some will ask you if you want sex. Just say something like 'oh no I will only kiss you after we are married 100 years' and depending on her reaction you will know whether you can open her up or not. Sure they are 'muslim' but I had no anal sex at all and they will open up to you literally if they like you. Some insisted a bit on condoms, but I always had sex without protection. When it comes down to fetishes (yes I care a lot for it, if you couldn't tell by now), they were open and more so as compared to the 'open-minded' European women.

Where to stay?

Don't go to a hotel. You will find cheap accommodation on AirBnb. If you are well-versed in Russian you can also find some local pages, but I forgot the names. Chuy Avenue is a very good place to stay. Many bars are there, many parks are in a walkable distance, many shops, malls etc. However some girls will live a bit further away, so sometimes you need to plan accordingly. Meet 'in between' somewhere and then tell her 'oh my place is like 5min from here' and there you go.

That's it. If you need other information, you can pm or just check my other replies in this threat. Thanks for your attention and I hope I could provide something useful to this community here.

Sure Central Asia is easier compared to EE for instance, but I think Peru and much of Latin America is still much easier as may SEA be (wasn't there yet so can't confirm). I would place Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan) under Western Europe/EE but above Latin America in terms of difficulty.

Stans are definitely not SEA level. The better looking women know their worth and the hotter ones will demand a man of means to show his value with gifts and free dinners. Maybe there are some easy cute girls remaining but it's nothing like Philippines (which trades cuteness for ease, nothing perfect). Sure English levels are OK but I noticed their speaking is much worse than texting and that English levels peak around the 5-5.5 level with women above less likely to speak decent enough English. If your idea of a good time is banging a girl while using a translator app then by all means.

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  Inside the white nationalist movement
Posted by: AirWaves - 03-14-2024, 10:17 PM - Forum: Politics - No Replies

The majority of WN in version 2.0 are dysfunctional old/incels who post on /pol/.There are some intelligent people with reasonable opinions but these are the minority. Nowadays its full of internet drama with tradthots vs the white sharia police, can’t really take them seriously. These internet movements will burn out just like how the atheist movement fizzled out after a few years.

Despite having zero power or influence over real life politics, these sub-Nazi deadbeats have a significant online presence ready to thumb down YouTube videos on important topics such as female Ghostbusters and Mexican Spider-Man. This is their natural habitat, along with Twitter, where they can be found protesting against multiculturalism while masturbating to Japanese anime waifus in their avatars and expressing the opinion that immigration to the United States should have ended the second after their pasty ancestors arrived to ethnically cleanse the natives. It is sometimes said that the salt-right is the endpoint of the Republican party- its purest manifest form.

They have achieved absolutely nothing of value, have no discernible skills or merit as human beings, and therefore put pride in their race above all other things (sound familiar). Their whiteness is the one thing that can never be taken away from them, yet also is the one thing that took no effort whatsoever to possess, thus giving them a completely undeserved sense of superiority over ethnic minority individuals, many of whom have accomplished far more than they ever will

I realize that people gravitate to political ideologies that give them advantages in the sexual market place. ‘Traditionalist’ types favour monogamy within their group because it gives those with low sexual market value access to a mate. In a free sexual market they will be left without a chance of reproducing. ‘Tradition’ as they advocate is nothing more then sexual communism where 1 man will be allocated 1 women of their group.

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Thumbs Down Everyone should expect the Chinese to win almost every Olympic sport
Posted by: AirWaves - 03-14-2024, 10:10 PM - Forum: Politics - No Replies

China picks young children (4 years old) to become experts in music, the arts, dance, and sports. It is difficult for any other country to match that, particularly in democracies where parents seek a closer contact with their children.

I don't know how Japanese athletes are prepared, but I believe the Chinese are the most extreme in the world. It would be interesting to see how Chinese athletes do when their competitive careers have ended. Probably they will spend the rest of their lives instructing.

The Chinese government supports all of this. I doubt any other government in the world provides financial assistance to athletes from the age of four until they die of old age. With that kind of lifetime support, it must be really difficult to compete with them.

During the Cold War, the Soviet Union, East Germany, and Romania also did this. After a medal drought, Russia and Romania are reinvesting in their sports programs in an effort to reclaim their former grandeur, particularly in Russia.

Everyone should get used to China winning gold in almost every Olympic sport. Because their athletes are completely supported by the government, they may spend every day getting paid to perform rather than wasting time attempting to find financial assistance for training. According to an interview with a female Chinese gymnast, the government provided them with a home, food, and financial assistance for their entire family. If she didn't do well, she risked losing everything for her family. That's a terrific incentive, but it's also a little unfair to those who have to fight their way to the Olympics.

That is precisely why our excessively overpaid millionaires are on our basketball team. Because the Olympics are just for amateurs, we have consistently ranked low in basketball. However, somewhere back (was it the 1980s? When was the Dream Team?) the USOC successfully contended that the other countries' Olympic teams were the equivalent of our professional teams in the sense that they were paid to play basketball, making them ipso facto professional. This allowed our professional players to join the team, and we began to exhibit

It wasn't that long ago that if an American athlete earned a cent in a sport, his or her amateur status was terminated and eligibility for Olympic competition was lost.

They work hard because they are honored to have been chosen by the government to train and compete on behalf of China. They do not want to shame themselves or their families by failing to compete successfully.

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  Does it take less time to evaluate a place when you travel a lot?
Posted by: AirWaves - 03-14-2024, 09:28 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (1)

Do you find as your travel experience increases, it takes you less time to judge a country's merits?

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  I'm on the spectrum guys.. Giving up on game
Posted by: AirWaves - 03-14-2024, 09:22 PM - Forum: Lifestyle Forum - Replies (1)

According to my mom, I am on the spectrum because I have the below symptoms in varying degrees:

-Lack of empathy towards others (big one apparently)
-Occasionally overreacting in ways that make little to no sense to her/other people
-Laserlike focus when I find something really interesting, to the level where speech does not register when I'm reading for example
-Sometimes if I'm surprised, she said I can avoid eye contact
-Coldness and keeping myself distant from people

My own mother advised me not to go into healthcare/medical as I wouldn't give a shit about other people's issues. At my current age, I kind of have to say that she was correct in this. The comments from my past girlfriends seem to reinforce this (asshole/heartless/distant/quiet/closed). I don't really know what to make of the whole thing. On the other hand, I am quite successful in what I do, but on the other hand I have received this kind of feedback for years (medical professionals, military people during my service, relatives, LTR's) and I am old enough to recognize the behavior myself now. Luckily I have a loving family and good friends and the "symptoms", if they are there, are not crippling.

I thought that it might be possible for an autistic man to go full rainman on game literature and then practice his skills in the field on real women until a formula sticks. That hasn't worked out as planned. The end result of some of the typical autistic awkwardness. I've been arrested several times. I need something else..

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Shocked Russia has decisively lost this war - it's over!
Posted by: whitemike - 03-14-2024, 06:49 PM - Forum: Politics - Replies (1)

The ongoing struggle with Russia could be classified as both a proxy war, with feet on the ground, and a financial war, with Russia already losing the financial war decisively. Russia's financial situation is in a state of catastrophic collapse, with less than 10 years of stability projected. President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 bet everything on one card. If he conquered Ukraine, he would stop the country’s Westernization and absorb it into a new confederation with Belarus and the Russian Federation. However, with the failure of Russia’s military to take Kyiv scuttled this federation expending project, dashing any illusions of welding Ukraine into a common state organism with Russia and imperiling President Putin’s own legitimacy to rule in Moscow.

The situation has now devolved into a proxy war, with Ukraine vying for territory and Putin attempting to maintain a public image. The Russian state will enter a phase of slow decay. In this variant, nothing happens immediately. There will be no rapid military or political change as Russia’s empire simply enters the next phase of its disintegration. This became particularly evident during the recent mutiny of Wagner group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin, which marked the first serious rebellion in President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle and one of many new developments in Russia’s internal situation that could acquire significance as stages in a long-term “disintegration” scenario.

The mutiny of Wagner group it exposed the weakness of the Russian president and the authoritarian system he built, revealing hidden fractures in the highest circle of power. In Russian history, waves of change have traditionally been triggered when people perceive the ruler as failing to lead or showing fear – thereby stripping him of his “holy” status. Mr Putin decided to rebuild a third Russian empire under his personal control, using the Soviet inheritance as a model. The polity he created evolved from an authoritarian into a semi-totalitarian state. In the ideological sense, it bundled elements of Tsarist Russian and Soviet tradition. Economically, it depended on exporting natural resources (mainly hydrocarbons) with income streams controlled by a political-military oligarchy largely composed of former members of the security services. That is completely over now. Mr. Putin’s third incarnation of the Russian empire rested on the political and economic domination of nations that had historically been exploited by Moscow. This was the message behind Russia’s military aggression against Georgia and Ukraine.

Turbulence ahead

An old hallmark of Soviet decline – technological backwardness – is also making a comeback. The reimposition of Western sanctions has revealed Russia’s dependence on the outside world and its inability to make do without imported Western technologies. Like the Soviet Union, Russia can make money from oil and gas but finds itself helpless to produce microprocessors. A growing sense of vulnerability creates friction in the ruling camp and encourages infighting among rival interest groups fearful for the empire’s future. Russia’s rulers’ traditional response to such tensions has traditionally been small wars on the imperial borderlands to show that autocratic control remains essential.

There might be efforts in certain areas to emancipate themselves from Kremlin oversight and function independently from the central government's authority, or at least with significantly more autonomy. Under these circumstances, there is a high probability that centrifugal and separatist inclinations may resurface. The South Caucasus is a very vulnerable region that has a substantial risk of falling apart.

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